Position – Manager (Development)

Employer – TATA Motors Engineering Research Center (ERC), Pune, India.

Duration – September 2009 – July 2011

For two years between my M.E and PhD, I worked as a manager at TATA Motors working on vehicle thermal safety and vehicle thermal comfort using CFD techniques. In particular, I worked with the Climate Control and Aero-Thermal Group at the ERC and was responsible for solving fluid flow, heat transfer related problems for several vehicle platforms.

Wind tunnel geometry for vehicle thermal safety analysis
Engine compartment temperatures in °C from CFD simulations.

Investigation of fire safety of vehicles by simulating the air flow and convection for the full vehicle and working with the vehicle integration team to develop a package-worthy solution for the engine compartment. A sample simulation domain and resultant temperature contours of the components are shown in the adjacent figures.

In addition, I also developed models for human thermal comfort in the passenger cabins and simulated the airflow around the passengers to estimate the air velocity and temperature and subsequently gauge the comfort perception of passengers. As shown in the figure, airflow duct and vent designs are critical factors to determine the level of thermal comfort.

Thermal comfort analysis of passengers.