One of the greatest engineering and societal challenges of today is the continued availability of clean energy with minimum penalty on the environment.  The current energy infrastructure is dominated by combustion of the finite resources of fossil fuels leading to environmental concerns that are intensifying each year. Thereore, there is an urgent need to manage the available primary energy resources judiciously, and to devise and implement thermally efficient energy systems that can minimize electricity consumption. Such a transition will eventually contribute to reduced burden on power industries, reduced use of conventional energy sources, and reduced carbon footprint, simultaneously achieving overall energy sufficiency. While this goal is straightforward, there is no unique solution to achieve it and a diverse portfolio of technology initiatives will be needed.

For instance, nearly 65% of the total energy supplied to the residential sector is utilized for space and water heating/space cooling applications, where source temperatures lower than 80°C suffice (EIA, 2016). If solely thermal energy is used as an input for these applications via novel thermally driven energy systems, consumption of large amount of primary energy to generate electricity for such applications can be avoided. Therefore, efficient system design and thermal management strategies must be investigated for not only these energy systems, which can convert and store energy, but also the existing engineering infrastructures, such as automobiles and electronics to conserve energy.

My expertise and proposed work focus on the development and performance enhancement of novel energy systems, an outline of which is shown here.  In this section, some of the research thrusts that I have undertaken are described in a reverse-chronological order. Please feel free to reach out, if you have any questions.


Thermal Management of Memristors

Novel Interface Materials for Power Packages

Performance Enhancement of Adsorption Cooling Systems

Adsorption Based Gas Separation System

Thermal Management of Engine Compartment

Thermal Comfort of Passengers

Fluid Dynamics of Cricket Ball

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