• Instructor of record, ME 3345 Heat Transfer (55 students) – Spring 2018 – Developing course structure, material and policies, developing and grading homework problems, exams and computational projects. Conducting lectures and holding office hours.
    • Comments by students from the course evaluation–
      • “Professor is extremely understanding and wants the class to succeed.’
      • “Darshan is very intelligent and has good discussions. I’m glad that my section was not stuck with the poor online homework like other sections.’
      • “He was very clear that he wanted us to succeed first and think about grades second. He tried to make sure we could understand the material, and did so by projects, practice problem lectures, and standard teaching.’
      • “He is a humble guy who loves his students, and he seems like a genius in this topic.’
      • “Pahinkar is very enthusiastic. He is a funny guy and he likes to engage students in class as well as foster personal relationships with them. He is approachable and always willing to help.’
      • “One of the best teachers I have had.’
      • “Probably one the most enjoyable class I have taken. Darshan made this class something to look forward to and inspired interest in the students of the class. I hope he keeps lecturing here and inspiring students.’
      • Very personable and cared greatly for his students. Dr. Pahinkar was always available for help outside of class, and worked tirelessly to see that we learned the material. He was very knowledgeable in class, even offering real world examples. He transitioned very quickly once we suggested he give more practice problems. He was a wonderful professor.
      • I appreciated the way instructor made a great effort to adapt the structure of his classes, according to student feedback. He was excellent at facilitating students who needed help and were willing to communicate with the instructor and seek help. I loved the idea that the instructor made an effort to make sure we understand the subject and get a feel for the problems we solve.
When students invite their favorite teacher for lunch in their fraternity house
My ME 3345 Class on the Last Day
    • Teaching Practicum, ME 3345 Heat Transfer (63 students) – Spring 2014 – Designed lecture notes and instructed four classes of Heat Transfer (ME 3345), designed and graded mid-term exams, held office hours.
    • Substitute instructor, ME 3345 Heat Transfer – Fall 2014 and 2015 – Instructed classes in absence of the primary instructor of record.